Acid 2.0 Changed My Life

I purchased my first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in early 2000. I was 15 years old and at the time it was a routine for my boys and I to spend our free time either at the mall or at one of the many now extinct electronics stores. One day as I walked through the store something cought my attention. It was a software by Sonic Foundary called Acid 2.0. The front of the box read “create your own music!”. As I read more I learned that you could create songs by recording your own vocals and also using the library of sounds that came along with the program.

Within a few days of purchasing and taking home the software I was creating my own beats and recording my own vocals (and also calling into school sick to have more free time). However, I started to get the feeling that I had hit a wall creatively using the stock sounds and the tiny mic that came along with my PC. Right then I had an epiphany: if I could record vocals then I should also be able to hook up a turntable and capture sounds from records too! My idea worked and I was now recording samples from vinyl, chopping up the sounds and reprograming them.

Up until this point in my life I had always had aspirations of making my own beats and although I experimented by creating "pause tapes" I had never been able to create something I thought was actually presentable. However, after a few months of producing beats on Acid not only had I gotten good at it but I was now selling my beats to rappers online through AOL instant messenger and Yahoo chat rooms.

Back in the early 2000s making beats on a computer was still a very new concept. People weren’t entirely sure how much respect producers who used software like Acid 2.0 should get in comparison to someone who used more traditional and expensive hardware like the AKAI MPC. However, two decades after its release it is evident that software like Acid not only changed the game but also changed the lives of many young aspiring producers, including myself. DAW's like Acid allowed nearly anyone with access to a computer to become a music producer which gave birth to whole new generation of musicians.

Check out a beat I made on Acid back in 2001

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