Technics 1200 RCA Tutorial

Here is a brief tutorial on how to replace RCA's on a Technics 1200 Turntable.

The tools the you'll be using are one big and one small phillips screwdriver, one soldering iron and solder, a desoldering tool or braid, one razor blade, one zip tie and one pair of RCA cables.

Start by pulling the platter off of the turntable, if the platter will not come off by pulling up you can gently tap the spindle with a rubber mallet to loosen it.

Flip the turntable upside down and place it on milk crate or something that will not put pressure on the tone arm.

Remove the feet as well as the factory screws that hold the bottom rubber piece in place.

Loosen up the bottom rubber piece and pull up to get it off.

Remove the two screws that hold down the RCA holder.

Use the small screwdriver to detach the two pieces that make up the plastic RCA holder. [Remember how it's positioned to avoid confusion when reattaching it later]

Remove the two screws that hold the metal plate in place and pull it off and over the RCA's.

Snip the zip tie that's holding the factory RCA's in place.

With a heated up soldering iron gently heat the connection between the RCA's and the Technics sound board one at a time. The RCA's should naturally detach themselves. If RCA's don't release naturally do not pull up as you create the risk of damaging your board, use your desoldering tool instead.

If the leftover solder located on the board seems to be good after you've removed the stock RCA's you can proceed, if not remov the excess solder with your desoldering tool.

Take your RCA cables and cut them in half.

Take your razor blade and gently make an impression around 3/4" down. In a circular motion gently cut the first layer of rubber and remove it so the RCA ground wires are exposed. Repeat the process on the second layer of rubber and expose the main RCA wires as well. Gently twist and braid the the exposed RCA wires. [Repeat the process on the second RCA cable]

Stage the RCA's over the sound card. You may need to trim the wires down so they align properly.

With your soldering iron heated up add solder to all four of your exposed wires.

Place the RCA's over the sound card, use the zip tie to keep them in place.

Begin soldering. Add solder to your iron and press down on the wires until they bond with the sound card. Use the small screwdriver to keep the wires in place. [Repeat the steps]

Reassemble the turntable

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